Developed for the needs of small productions

Reduced economic investment maintaining high production performance


Developed for the needs of small productions, even handcrafted productions, that require a superior quality of the final product.
Suitable to be combined with batch cooking systems or production plants that require a very flexible product change, from one batch to the other.


The uniqueness of our universal forming machine allows maximum flexibility thanks to the quick die set change in less than one minute and thanks to the possibility of installing die sets for lollipop production. Perfectly shaped candies, precise tolerances and weight control to facilitate the work of wrapping machines.


High production performance doesn’t mean that the investment has to be massive, the line grants reduction of production waste and better forming quality of the final product at an affordable price.

Design in stainless steel tubular to allow maximum ease of cleaning and hygiene of the line. The combination with different kinds of pumps for the production of candies filled with powders and liquids such as creams, chocolate, jams, honey, and fruit based syrups and pectins is considered a basic integration on this line.

This system also offers the potential for extreme customization to meet at best the production needs of the customer.


Kg/batch minimum capacity

Candies-pcs/min *(estimated for 4g products)

thick filling (%)

product samples

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