Accuracy, precision at the highest level


Developed to meet the highest standards required in the pharmaceutical sector for functional products that may contain active ingredients (API) or medicines.

The candy production line can be supplied with both Explorer chain & Mercury rotary forming systems, providing an extraordinarily adaptable platform for your research & production needs.

Our pharmaceutical equipment is perfect to obtain tablets and pastilles based on natural ingredients with high nutritional values such as:

  • herbal lozenges with soothing and cooling action;

  • echinacea and vitamin C lozenges for healthy immune support;

  • lemon ginger lozenges for digestive support;

  • honey lozenges rich in antioxidants that are linked to beneficial effects on heart health.

It also allows the production of medicated hard candies and lollipops to relieve itchy throat and cold symptoms in adults and children. Flu and sore throat lozenges and menthol cough drops are formulated to give effective relief from pain and congestion thanks to a local anaesthetic and antibacterial agents that help kill the bacteria.

Pharmaceutical standards

Developed for the creation of a product with the highest qualitative standard. This plant could be perfectly combined with an automatic cooking system where the action required to the operator is minimal to not affect or alter the quality of the final product. It is even available in a small capacity version suitable for laboratories and R&D departments. The high production efficiency is due to the reduction of waste and better forming of the final product which is perfectly shaped, has precise tolerances and weight control – all to ensure the minimum possible deviations among each candy.

To grant the best performance of the line we have also implemented:


  • CIP systems to improve the cleaning, the sanitization of machines and their efficiency.
  • Automatic die set washing machine for the complete cleaning and sanitization of the die sets.
  • Comprehensive support for the preparation of validation and qualification documentation IQ, OQ and PQ.

System flexibility

The plant could be supplied with both forming systems (chain and rotary) in order to cope with all possible research or production needs. The chain system grants:

  • Higher percentages of filling.
  • The option of production of two colors and/or double filling products.
  • More precision and control during the forming phase of the candies thanks to the forming pressure from an electronic pneumatic system.

Besides the Explorer line has the possibility to change the chain die set in <2 minutes to ensure seamless production and continuity of the line. Design in stainless steel tubular to allow maximum ease of cleaning and hygiene of the line.



pcs/min * ( estimated for 2.5g candies)

Production in kg/h *(estimated for 2g products)

Maximum liquid filling (%)

product samples

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