hIGH SPEED FOR QUALITY lollipop production

Just the standard on the S38 line


The purpose of this production plant is to produce the largest possible volumes of lollipops without compromising the quality of the final product.


higher standards

 Quantity is not enough if the final product quality is low or even mediocre. The S38 line is able to maintain both product quality and elevated capacity (2000 pcs/min). Moreover it’s possible to change the die set in less than <5 minutes, granting anyway continuity – in weight and shape – during production. It could be implemented without any difficulties with batch and semi-automated systems. The production on this line can range from simple one color products with one filling to more elaborated and complex products: with 2, 3 or 4 colors and (always on the same product) any type of filling.



optimization & upgrades

Thanks to the perfect synchronization of the line from the batch roller to the cooling tunnel – all controlled by a single operator panel – we can reduce waste and machine stopsThrough automation sensors, forming controls and wrapping phase the line is able to increase its efficiency granting advanced precision in the forming process with constant weight and size. This line also has the possibility to implement, in a few minutes, die sets for the production of hard candies, making it the most unique and flexible production plant on the market. The modularity of the forming system also allows the installation of the latest innovations such as lollipops with the inclusion of regular solids. The classic filling options are available for this line: powders, chewing-gum and liquids such as creams, chocolate, jams, honey, fruit-based syrups, pectins. The design has been made in stainless steel tubular to allow maximum ease of cleaning and hygiene of the line.  



Line efficiency (%)

Lollipop production pcs/min *(estimated for 8-12 g products)

Colors that can be combined automatically

product samples

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