LOLLIPOP Technology


Flat & 3D lollipops

S38 for spherical lollipops

High speed for quality lollipop production

S40 automatic forming

Flat, 3D & spherical lollipops

S38 and S40 lines unleash all the potential flexibility and production speed of the lollipop chain-forming system.

Lollipop producers can take the advantage of the most efficient solution to manufacture 3D lollipops, with every type of filling and choosing up to four colors perfectly positioned in automatic:

  • the fastest shape change: it takes only 10 minutes;

  • high speed up to 1.000 for flat/3D lollipop and up to 2.200 pcs/min for spherical lollipops;

  • multicolor products with constant and precise position of the colors;

  • high quality and repeatability of the final product;

  • direct feed to the wrapping machine in 4 seals or flow-pack;

  • fully automatic and continuous process of making lollipops.

Lollipop forming machines promise extreme flexibility with the universal execution available for both flat, spherical lollipop and 3D candies to be manufactured on the same forming line.

Our candy production lines are ideal for developing innovative products such as: three-dimensional suckers, creamy and eclair pops, bubble gum filled and chewy lollies, milk lollipops.

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