The universal forming for laboratory

Use development facilities and pharmaceutical test sights.


The laboratory line has been studied to allow the development of new products and to replicate on a small scale the industrial concept of candy forming.

Laboratory and R&d 

Developed for the needs of small productions typical of laboratories and R&D departments that require a high quality of the final product to be replicated later in high capacity industrial plants. The laboratory equipment is also suitable for both candy manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients for the confectionery industry and allows the reduction of raw materials and costs necessary for the development and testing of new products by accelerating the validation process. The plant is perfect to be combined with batch cooking systems or systems that require a very flexible product change for the development of new recipes, tests of ingredients/ flavors/dyes or new product concepts (shapes, sizes, fillings etc…). In case of need it could be supplied in pharmaceutical execution with certified materials for food contact and support for validation documentation and qualifications IQ, OQ and PQ.

Perfectly shaped and cooled candies to obtain final products as faithful as possible to the  industrial product that will reach the final consumer.  The Complete modularity of the system allows also the upgrade with all the accessories available for the production of any product from hard candy, lollipop, chewy-toffee, chewing gum and bubble gum. The uniqueness of the universal forming machine grants maximum flexibility thanks to the quick change of the die set in 1 minute and to the possibility to install also the die sets for lollipop production.

Flexible and compact

The design of the line in tubular stainless steel allows maximum ease of cleaning and hygiene of the line. All machines can be supplied on wheels for easier and faster reconfiguration of the line for different productions, allowing also a more compact execution for space reduction and possible placement in small departments.  The plant is available with both chain and rotary forming systems that can be easily and quickly installed on the same forming machine in <2 minutes. The chain system allows the production of candies with high percentages of filling, two colors and double filling to overcome traditional products.


Kg per batch maximum capacity

Maximum continuous production in kg/h

Maximum forming speed in m/min

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