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Nuova Euromec innovative forming technology employs its patent pending development for 3 dimensional hard candy that can now be used to produce formed products without the central rim (belly band) typically found on die formed hard candy.

Details change everything


Candies aren’t usually three dimensional and have a central rim/belly band and are only engraved in the 2 forming surfaces, not having a full 3D shape appearance. The uniqueness of the chain forming system applied in this line has been developed to obtain perfectly three-dimensional candies. That feature can be also installed on existing Euromec forming lines and/or on machines without any need for upgrade kits.

Hard candy 3D

Easy production diversification

The chain system is the most flexible forming technology that allows to expand the potential of Euromec lines in order to develop the products of the future. This new generation system offers high percentages of filling, two colors and double filling in order to develop even more innovative products which differ from the standard ones already on the market. The combination with different kinds of pumps for the production of candies filled with powders and liquids – such as creams, chocolate, jams, honey, and fruit based syrups and pectins – is considered a basic integration on this line.


Production in kg/h

Minutes required to change the product type on the forming line

Possible colors combination on the product

product samples

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