Hard Candy technology

Apollo Mini

Developed for the needs of small production 


Medium and high capacity for filled hard candy.

Hard candy 3D

Hard Candy 3D

Three-Dimensional hard candies shapes

We offer a complete range of chain and rotary forming lines for the production of hard candies with filling. Our hard candy production lines are developed to meet any production capacity requirement: from artisanal production capacities (300 kg/h) up to industrial production capacities (over 2000 kg/h) which require automated and performing plants.

Flexible and configurable solutions according to the specific needs of the customer (chain or rotary system) to obtain any type and format of hard candy, with or without filling.

Our hard candy production lines can communicate with any type of mass preparation plant, from the artisanal ones with direct fire, to the semi-automatic ones with mixers and up to the most automated and continuous systems.

Our new generation chain die-sets also allow the development of new shapes and three-dimensional hard candies without the typical central band.

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