Faq – Frequently Asked Questions about candy forming machines

What do you need to make candies?

A funny expression from Bergamo says that all you need is attention, patience and luck…

All jokes aside, speaking of which are the systems actually needed in a medium to high-capacity industrial production or in a small-capacity artisanal production, the following candy machineries are the “essentials”:

  • Preparation of the mass and cooking.
  • Forming line.
  • Wrapping machines.

Can you supply the entire plant, form candy cooking to wrapping?

Nuova Euromec is specialized in the “heart” of the process, the forming line, thanks to which we are recognized amongst the world leaders of the candy manufacturing sector, with over 70 years of experience.

Regarding other stages of the process, such as candy cooking or wrapping, in case of a full turn-key project, we work together with world-class partner companies.

Can you support and follow the technological development of the product?

Our lab is at the disposal of customers for the development of new products, or to test the lines in FAT tests before shipping them to the customer’s production department.

This way, during the final installation, we can speed up the development of the product and the following production phase of the plant.

Moreover, we have specialized technicians that, with their long experience in candy confectionery, can help improve the production process in order to maximize the performance of the forming line.

Which utilities have to be supplied?

  • Water
  • Steam
  • Electricity
  • Compressed air

What information must be provided to determine an investment budget required to produce candy?

  1. First of all, specify the exact type of product required.
  2. Provide product photos, samples or any specifications about similar products already on the market.
  3. Indicate dimensions, weight and output required for the product.
  4. Capacity is generally indicated in Kg-h.
  5. Specify if the company already owns a mass preparation and cooking system, and, if so, what type of candy machinery it is (automatic, semi-automatic, batch).
  6. Indicate the type of product wrapping (flow-pack, double twist etc…).

Which forming technologies are available for candy production?

There are 3 main systems for candy manufacturing via forming technology.

  • Cylinder system: uses forming cylinders and it is used to produce small candies, drops, generally weighing less than 2g or smaller than 12mm, and which must maintain a handcrafted appearance.
  • Rotary system: it uses rotary type die-sets, historically appreciated for the production of candies with little or no filling.  Due to its working concept, first cutting the rope and then moving it into the matrix chamber to form, it is not very efficient for highly filled products or where high production flexibility is required, therefore, it is typically used on single product lines.
  • Chain system: it uses die sets with chain forming technology. Thanks to its cutting and forming in a straight line, it is particularly appreciated for the production of high quality and high centerfilled candies.

    It is the most flexible existing production system and the one which allows the fastest and easiest product change.

Which is the best candy forming technology?

It actually depends on many factors: the type of product required, any previous experience of the customer with such production systems and his future expectations.

We can provide all 3 candy forming technologies (cylinders, rotary and chain).

However, based on our experience, we tend to suggest the chain system, for its high flexibility and its ability to produce high centerfilled candies.

Does the rotary system give a better appearance of the finished candy in comparison to the chain system?

As of today, we can say that this is a false belief.

The new generation of seamless chain die sets, that we have developed and have been supplying for several years, allows for a final quality (of the shaped candy) almost identical to that of the rotary system.

Is it possible to make different products on the same candy forming line?

Yes, it is, as we provide specific options and a modular line execution with a specifically designed layout. The forming lines can be set up to achieve a high level of flexibility and to make both hard and soft candies or chewing gum; or to make both hard candy and lollipops on the same line.

What percentage of filling can be put into a candy?

It depends on the type of product and filling.

We generally consider 4 types of filling in candies:

  • Powder: generally about 10% of the product weight.
  • Syrup or pectin base: typically up to 25% of the filling.
  • Fat creams: up to 30% of the filling.
  • Gum or chewy: up to about 40% of the filling.

NB: the percentages of filling are theoretical and usually refer to hard candy, with a standard size of 4-5gr, manufactured with chain technology.

What is the minimum and maximum production of candy plant?

The smallest plant we can supply can allow for continuous production of 100kg or 5-20kg per batch.

The highest capacity plant can reach over 2,000 kg/h.

We provide different line executions, suitable for every required capacity.

NB: these capacities are theoretical and to be adapted based on the product type, dimensions and weights.

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