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Remote Assistance

Remote assistance has become essential in the B2B market nowadays. Nuova Euromec has faced this challenge by using a specific device that works through a simple internet connection. It allows supervising the customer line by exploiting the data from software, PLC and from HMI. This enables Euromec’s engineers to track possible reasons for machine stops and to check if the origin of the issue comes from an electrical failure. In case of need, a remote control system can be applied on the line (by using the PLC) to directly suggest to the dedicated operator instructions for the optimization of production or to restart the line in case of a stop.


Despite the above-average quality of our machines, our many years of experience has taught us that even the best system may need a fine tuning, an improvement, a modification, or simply face the inevitable wear and tear of materials over time. For this reason, our specialized engineers are always at the complete disposal of our customers, ready to intervene quickly and effectively. In any country and at any time and regardless of the complexity of the problem, Euromec is available.

Spare parts replacement

Euromec can support his customers with the replacement of any spare parts even for old plants or machinery. In case a specific machinery – after a deep analysis- results too old to be repaired, we usually find a way to make the machine running again by implementing a new and innovative system specifically studied.


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