chewy toffee products with visible filling

Inside out filling


The idea of the project was born with the aim of using the maximum potential of the chain system to be able to develop new products on candy lines. 

what’s inside?

It’s common for a candy consumer to ask himself what’s inside the product that he’s going to eat ” Wait, what’s inside this?”.  Well, this innovative product immediately answers the question, because all the possible fillings that are traditionally hidden, in this case are on display. In the same way, the line dedicated to candy cup products is suitable –by changing the die set in a few minutes – to produce classical chewy candies.

More filling & more filling options

This new generation system offers an extremely high percentage of filling and also double filling, in order to develop even more innovative products which differ from the standard ones already on the market. The combination with different kinds of pumps for the production of candies filled with powders and liquids – such as creams, chocolate, jams, honey, and fruit based syrups and pectins – is considered a basic integration on this line. Being the product open, it allows the development of more complex products that can contain solid and liquid fillings in the same candy – with higher quantities with respect to the normal standard and closed products.


Line Efficiency (%)

Production in kg/h

Different fillings can be combined automatically

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