High % of filling in the perfect shape


 Introduced into the market to grant the production of high filled soft candy-like caramel, chews or milky aerate chewy masses.

as flexible as possible

This plant is Ideal in combination with both low capacity batch systems and high capacity automatic systems. It has been studied to be as flexible as possible,  it can work with:

  •  Non-cristallized masses or masses with a high percentage of fat through batch roller.
  •  Crystalized masses via extrusion.

 In addition, it can be configured with the option to bypass the relaxation belt to also produce hard candies and ensure the widest range of products and a higher economic return on investment. The complete synchronization of the line, the  high efficiency and the cooling performance of our tunnels reduced waste and downtime during the production process.


high standard production

On this plant there is the option to use a chain die system or a rotary forming machine. The chain system allows having a final product with a higher percentage of filling and perfect sealing through double forming action. Being the flexibility one of our main characteristics, even in this case the option to implement – in few minutes – die sets for the production of hard candies has been developed. This offers the possibility to diversify the production on one line.  Also, the line grants precision in forming the final product with constant weight and dimensions to fully exploit high-speed wrapping machines even with soft and filled products. The filling options available for this line: are powders, chewing-gum and liquids such as creams, chocolate, jams, honey, fruit-based syrups, pectins. The design has been made in stainless steel tubular to allow maximum ease of cleaning and hygiene of the line. 


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