Forming system by cylinders for coated products


 Developed for forming, cool and separate small centers of hard or soft masses suitable for the subsequent coating with sugar or chocolate

cylinder forming system

Line with high flexibility which allows the production of crystallized masses of chewy with the use of an extruder or of masses of hard candies or soft candies types caramel not crystallized using the batch roller. The cylinder forming system allows reproducing hard candies with the appearance and the typical quality of handicraft products. Reduction of waste and machine stops is possible thanks to the perfect synchronization of the line from the batch roller or extruder to the cooling tunnel – all controlled by a single operator panel. The higher quality and construction precision of the forming cylinders guarantee the manufacturing of extreme final product quality.


The design has been made in stainless steel tubular to allow maximum ease of cleaning and hygiene of the line. Customization of the line with the possibility to switch between the extruder and batch roller to manufacture different types of products. Possibility to customize the execution of the cooling tunnel to adapt it to the spaces available in the factory. High flexibility in the shapes that can be produced thanks to the quick change of the forming rollers that requires no tools and is performed in 5 minutes.


Minutes necessary for shape change

Maximum production in kg/h

product samples

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