Cooling, crystallizing, mixing in of ingredients


Designed to automatically and continuously feed the final extruders.


The candy pre extruder machine is deal for working with a wide variety of products such as Bubble-gum & Chewing-gum, Caramel, Toffee, Chewy Candy and Soft Chews. This line allows to feed in an automatic, continuous and homogeneous way the candy extruders of the plant with cut&wrap machines or forming lines for extruded products such as chewy or chewing-gum/bubble-gum filling.

The pre-extrusion advantages are:

  • Massive improvement of performances.
  • Increased production speed.
  • Reduction of wastes and machine stops.

Besides the plant allows an easy cleaning process and minimal maintenance with quick access through the user-friendly controls of the pre extruder via touch screen PLC.  Specific tempering units to grant constant temperature maintenance of the barrel and of the extruder head; moreover, the conveyor belts for the automatic feeding of the final extruders use an air cooling system to ensure a constant supply to the candy extruders.


Our new generation Flextruder system offers different solutions based on the product to be treated and the degree of automation required. For masses like soft candy you can get the following advantages:

  • Continuous graining or crystallization of the soft candy
  • Replacement of the cooling drum with a pulling machine or a z-blade mixer.
  • Elimination of the lumps.
  • Finest texture and product.


Automatic Pre-Extruder

Automatic Pre-Extruder feeding

The manual work of the operator is reduced and facilitated, obtaining greater precision, efficiency and constancy in the production line. It allows to automatically load the pre-extruder with chewing gum and bubble gum up to a maximum capacity of 500 liters of batches coming from the gum mixer.

Manual Charger

Execution with manual loading operation of chewing gum or bubble gum in the pre-extruder.

Manual Charger


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