Now available in 3D shapes


 Allows producing traditional filled shapes such as chiclets, square center-fresh, oval, round and new three-dimensional products.

3d & standard shapes

This plant is open to the possibility to manufacture products with standard shapes (chiclets, square, round & oval) and to develop new innovative shapes completely three-dimensional on the same line. The uniqueness of new products comes from the opportunity to realize gums without the belly band giving access to a new range of innovative shapes. Waste and machine stops are reduced at their minimum thanks to the perfect synchronization of the line from the extruder to the cooling tunnel, all controlled by a single operator panel.

flexibility & filling integration

The total flexibility of the forming machine allows to install – in a few minutes – both die sets for the production of traditional shapes and new 3D shape dies. For the development of even more realistic 3D products, it’s possible to combine 2 or 3 colors and control their position in the forming phase. The filling options available for this line are: powders, chewing-gum and liquids such as creams, chocolate, jams, honey, fruit-based syrups, pectins. The design has been made in stainless steel tubular to allow maximum ease of cleaning and hygiene of the line.


Different colours can be combined automatically

Production in kg/h

Minutes needed for shape change

product samples

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