S34 Chewy & Bubble gum

Chewy & bubble-gum production


Chewy & Bubble-gum pre-extrusion

S31 Filled Gum & 3D Gum

Filled chewing-gum & bubblegum

S39 Rolling & Scoring

Sugar & sugar free chewing gum pellets, tabs and stiks

Our extrusion lines allow creating traditional chewing-gum and bubble-gum products such as: cut & wrap gum, die forming gum with or without filling, sticks, chiclets and tabs.

Besides the classic extrusion lines, we developed a technology able to produce a new generation of products without a central band, in order to obtain three-dimensional and realistic shapes.

We offer a wide range of modular and flexible solutions, available for both small and high production capacities for research and development laboratories, nutritional and pharmaceutical applications.

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