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Each of them has been developed with the aim of optimizing and/or diversifying the candy production process of the customer. The use of these devices offers the possibility to realize – on an already running line-  innovative products which can totally rethink the final production. On the other hand, other devices, enable the improvement of the actual production.





The die washing machine is an essential complement in the forming lines to maintain full production efficiency;  it helps to maintain the well functioning of the dies and to increase their service life through the complete automation of washing, drying and lubrication operations. In about 20 minutes the die set is ready to be used again in the forming line or it can be stored on hold. All the die treatment phases in the washing machine are fully automated, timed, all programmable and stored in PLC to apply different treatments to the die set, according to the type of production it has faced. The machine integrates a heat exchanger to allow a complete drying of the die after the washing phase. A wide range of washing machines is available to clean all the versions of our die sets:

  • Rotary.
  • Chain.
  • Lollipop.
  • High speed rotary.
  • Combined versions both rotary and chain.
  • Combined versions for both candy and lollipop.

Also available in pharmaceutical version with use of special materials to meet the high standards of hygiene and control required.



The calibrating machine permits the complete automatic selection of pharmaceutical and confectionery products such as tablets, capsules, hard candies, coated chewing gum and chewy, chocolate lentils, soft mints and similar. The calibration of the correct products and the deviation of those out of tolerance (twins, candies with lumps and similar) allows high-speed wrapping machines to be fed efficiently and continuously; this reduces possible downtime and increases productivity. The product selection is based on the thickness and tolerance defined by the customer. Products to be calibrated can be loaded manually by batch or continuously from the forming line and are channeled and fed to the calibration rollers. They can be adjusted according to the desired tolerances without the use of tools and are separated into the fractions that are too thin, good and too thick. As an option, the machine automatically feeds the wrapping process with the products within the correct calibration range.

  •  GMP design with an entirely stainless steel machine structure.
  •  Easy and quick to clean through assembly/disassembly without tools of the parts in contact with the product.


Suitable for the production of filled products such as hard candies, chewy toffee, caramel, chewing gum, bubble gum and lollipops. Its high flexibility allows you to pump any type of filling such as liquid syrups, viscous, pectin-based, fruit, jams, fat-based creams and chocolate. The pump can be completely synchronized with the forming line to maintain a constant percentage of filling and minimize fluctuations. It’s also available with flow meter for pharmaceutical applications or where extreme precision is required in the control of the consistency of the filling. GMP design with structure and machine components in stainless steel.


Pump suitable for the production of filled products such as hard candies and lollipops. It gives the possibility to pump effervescent powder, dry granular fillings like peanuts, puffed rice and cereal. 

  • Complete synchronization of the pump with the forming line to maintain a constant percentage of filling and minimize fluctuations. 
  • Available special executions for powders that include recipes without sugar.
  •  GMP design with structure and machine components in stainless steel.


Suitable for the production of filled products such as hard candies, chewy toffee, caramel, chewing gum, bubble gum and lollipops. The double execution allows the combination of two fillings into the same product to obtain new tastes and combinations. The higher flexibility of the pump enables the use of any type of filling such as liquid syrups, dense, pectin-based, fruit, jams, fat-based creams and chocolate. The execution with two hoppers and two pumping heads also grants the quick change of the filling during the production, without stops for cleaning and avoiding cross contamination.


Combined pump suitable for the manufacturing of products filled with liquids or powders such as hard candies, chewy toffee, caramel, chewing gum, bubble gum and lollipops.  It enables to integrate two different types of fillings separately (powders or liquids) or combine them in the same product to develop new combinations of fillings and tastes.  This option also provides the opportunity to combine any type of fillings such as: liquid syrups, viscous, pectin-based, fruit, jams, creams based on fat and chocolate, effervescent powder, granular fillings such as peanuts, puffed rice and cereals.

Extruder for chewy & Chewing gum filling

Wide range of extruders are available to be combined with forming lines for the production of candies or lollipops filled with chewy or gum. The sturdy, reliable and high quality construction is the result of years of experience in the field and allows a stable and constant extrusion output. The maintenance is minimal and the machine is easy to clean.

  • User-friendly controls via touch screen (intuitive and multilingual).
  • Water tempering system to maintain a constant temperature in the chamber and extrusion head.
  • GMP design with the tubular structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Hard candy extruder for striped products

The extrusion system for hard candies has been designed for the automatic production of striped or multicolored ropes. It allows the combination of different colors and flavors in the same rope to be treated later with a forming or a starlight machine. The automatic extrusion and color combination grants – for reduced manual work and greater precision – uniformity and repeatability of colors in the final product. Models available for productions from 500 and 1200 kg/h.

Batch roller:  for hard candy with two or 2+ colors

  • Specifically designed equipment for the production of hard candies or lollipop with double color combination/flavors.
  • Precision in the dosing of the two colors/masses and possible color combination 50-50% or with different proportions up to 80-20%
  • Maximum batch capacity up to 60 kg (30 kg each color).
  • Possibility of integration in an existing line for an upgrade of the standard production.
  • It is also possible to combine two double batch rollers to obtain up to four color combinations for unique products.

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