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“To bring innovation and creativity to all our customers: from local producers to multinational companies worldwide. All thanks to 60+ years experience and hard work, trust in new generation knowledge, shared passion and know-how alongside with the most dedicated service in the field”.


Nuova Euromec is a dynamic company specialized in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the confectionery and food industry. We are expertise in satisfying the demands of manufacturers seeking new product development. We have earned an international reputation as a supplier having superior quality products, coupled with excellent performance and over 60 years of experience in service to the confectionery industry.
We are located in Martinengo (Bergamo), in Italy industrial north. Even if domestic manufacturers absorb some of our company product bases, the majority of our production is exported worldwide and is handled through a system of local offices and agents working within the international community. Our customers pride us on our unique ability to manufacture custom-designed equipment according to client demand.
This has become the hallmark of our company. Contributing to this philosophy is our belief in the continuous improvement and upgrade of our existing product line. We maintain close working relationships with our customers creating a smooth system of checks & balances that allows a mutually beneficial liaison.

Innovative products timeline

  • Double filling pump for the production of candies with two fillings.

  • Unique lollipop forming system for the production of spherical or three-dimensional lollipops with high flexibility and option for different types of centerfillings.


  • Introducing the first system capable to produce chewing-gum pellets with centerfilling at high capacity.

  • Three-dimensional flat lollipops formed and wrapped with the possibility of two different colors/flavors and centerfilling combination.

  • Introducing a forming system for high quality centerfilled soft candies production.

  • Advanced technology of chain forming that offers the option to incorporate inside candies or lollipops a regular solid product (like hazelnuts, powdered tablets, bubble gumballs, puffed rice).


  • Innovative forming system developed to produce soft and hard candy cups with different kind of fillings (like jam, jelly, chocolate cream, fondant, or with solid inclusion like rice, nuts, or dried fruit).

  • Forming system for filled and unfilled gum with 3D shape, suitable for sugar or sugar-free, coated or uncoated application.

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