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Best-in-class talent in developing innovative products in the confectionery industry.


To bring innovation and creativity to all of our customers:  from local producers to multinational companies worldwide. That’s possible thanks to 60+ years experience and hard work, trust in new generation knowledge, shared passion and know-how alongside with the most dedicated service in the field.


Nuova Euromec leads in advanced confectionery technology because it has spent the last 20 years developing innovative technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges in the confectionery field.

Lollipop Technology


Hard Candy Technology

Chewy Soft Technology

Chewy Gum & Bubble Gum Technology


Countries to which Nuova Euromec plants have been imported

Products launched on the market developed through Euromec lines

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Fudge & Caramel take shape and you can see the filling

Fudge & Caramel take shape and you can see the filling

The name "Fudge" covers a wide range of products, which are basically a combination between ... a toffee and a fondant. Fudge is made by boiling sugar in milk to the temperature when sugar syrup dropped into cold water will form a soft, flexible ball, typically around...

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